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Committing Suicide is Far From Islam

General Head of Muhammadiyah Headquarters, Din Syamsuddin, suggested Moslems not to be influenced in ideologies which deviated, especially to commit suicide with the motivation to enter paradise, as happened in Cirebon West Java, last week.

According to Din, to Commit Suicide is only a clear manifestation from losing hope, and being far away from Islamic teachings.

"Islam forbids its believers to commit suicide because it is only a clear manifestation from losing hope in dialogues with Allah. Were it to happen like this, the paradise wouldn't be gotten, but hell would," Said Din on Thursday (19/4) in Yogyakarta.

Suicide committed at Adz-dzikro mosque at Cirebon police headquarters, according to him, was a rash action. Moreover, that also harmed others having jum'at prayer.

Therefore, Muhammadiyah as a socio-religious organization puts pressures on the government and state police to investigate the case completely.

At Bogor Palace, the Coordinator Minister of Security, Law, and Politic, Djoko Suyanto, Said that although mentioned as a new player, Muhammad Syarif Astanagarif (32) was impossible to take his action alone.

"The Government strongly believes that there is a network behind him. Now, Police are working hard on finding relations, what is his network, who is his friends, and how the link with others is" he said.

In Jakarta, The Leader of Polri General Information Bureau, Brigjen (Pol) Ketut Untung Yoga Ana, said that police find a handwriting which is expectedly written by syarif. it states that he wants to die heroically. " Insya Allah under Allah's permission, I really really want to die in action, not because i want to be called as an islamic fighter, but the shahid noble adheres closely in my hearth." That writing was found at the back cover of book Jihad di Asia Tengah, Perang Akhir Jaman--which is confiscated from police raid at Syarif's wife's home-- written by Sheikh Abu Mus'ab As-Suri. 

Being Searched

The day before In Cirebon, police searched Basuki's home, Syarif's little brother, in Trusmi Wetan Village. From that home, police successfully gathered some evidences connected to a suicide bomber done by Syarif. Those proofs, such as fragments of digital video disks, sheets of copied speech documents, some books about Jihad, and photos of jihad trainings, were saved in six brown envelopes.

The Chief of RT 13 RW 4 Trusmi Wetan, Siti Tutasih (36), said that police did not collect explosive materials.

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